Our Services

Tree felling


We are qualified to NPTC standard to fell trees. This can only be done when certain factors allow. Before we fell a tree these factors are assessed ensuring the job can be carried out without causing any damage or harm. Felling is often a quicker way to remove a tree, however usually requires larger drop areas. 

Tree pruning


Tree pruning is a great way to maintain a tree within it's environment. Whether that is to keep the tree from getting to big or for aesthetics. Pruning can improve a trees overall appearance and uplift an area of your garden without the need to remove the tree.  All our pruning work is carried out in accordance with British Standards BS3998 which is the guideline for tree pruning and maintenance. 

Tree lifting/ Crown thinning


Crown lifting is removing the lower branches on a tree to allow for a higher clearance from the ground, a building or road/driveway. Crown thinning is systematically removing smaller foliage growth throughout the canopy to create a thinner appearance. This allows wind to pass through the tree easier reducing the stress on the tree during high winds. It can also allow more light to penetrate through the tree brightening up the area. 

Site Clearance


We tackle all forms of site clearance, ranging from an out of control garden to clearing land for development. We are able to remove waste from site and dispose of responsibly. We also hold a relevant waste carriers licence.

Hedge Trimming


We tackle all forms of hedge trimming. Whether that is boundary hedges or ornate topiary, we've got you covered.

Stump Grinding


We carry out stump grinding for clearance sites and for domestic gardens. We use gateway access grinders for narrow access gardens and tracked grinders for bigger stumps and site use. We are able to efficiently grind your stump and remove all arisings from site which we dispose of responsibly.